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Q&A With Senior Project Manager, Brent Moe

by Kat Phelps, Marketing Manager

Brent Moe, PE

Senior Project Manager | Senior Associate

Brent Moe, PE serves as a Senior Project Manager at DBR, with expertise in the K-12 education, government, and liturgical markets. A K-State grad and licensed engineer, Brent’s design expertise includes lighting, power distribution, emergency generating systems, medium voltage systems, as well as fire alarm and security systems. As a project manager, he coordinates the design of all MEP systems with other building trades.

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs, Brent spent much of his life playing hockey. After moving to Houston, he has had to make do with the limited number of hockey rinks in town. When he’s not on the ice rink, you can find Brent cooking, playing golf, and spending time with his wife Becky and one-year-old daughter Quinn Lee.

Brent enjoys interacting with clients and has fun in the process, but he also knows when it’s time to get down to business. His responsiveness and attention to detail make him a valuable team member at DBR.


Q&A with Brent:


Q: As an engineer how do you serve as an advocate for your clients and guide them to a successful project?

A: I pride myself on being responsive. When a client calls, they can expect me to answer or respond in a prompt manner.

Q: In your role of Senior Project Manager what are ways that you ensure you and your team deliver or exceed customer expectations?

A: I am a very quality and detail-oriented individual and I expect the same level of quality and detail from my design team. Our clients deserve nothing less.

Q: What is one of your proudest moments as an engineer?

A: My proudest moment as an engineer was when I passed my engineering PE exam. I studied Architectural Engineering in college. Architectural Engineering was the study of building system design. I took the Electrical PE exam instead of the Architectural PE Exam. To prepare for the exam, I spent 6 months studying in the evenings, took an online prep course and a 3-week prep course to learn Electrical Engineering-related topics that I was not taught in school. Passing the test was exciting and a relief. Today, I am most proud when our team and team members are successful.


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Houston ISD – Energy Institute High School | VLK Architects | Houston, Texas


Have questions? Give Brent a call:

Brent Moe, PE
Senior Project Manager | Senior Associate
[email protected]