Building Commissioning

“Commissioning is arguably the most cost-effective strategy for reducing energy usage, costs, and emissions in buildings today.”

– Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Source: Building Commissioning – A Golden Opportunity for Reducing Energy Costs and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

DBR launched our Commissioning Division in 2005, by commissioning the first public school in Texas to be LEED certified. Since then, millions of dollars have been saved by Building Owners who have experienced shorter start-up, schedule adherence, fewer hidden problems, and peak building performance from Day 1!

Every building is a unique structure with a unique set of requirements for the owner and users.  We understand this dynamic of the built environment, take it into account with each project and provide tailored Commissioning plans that cover the spectrum of all building systems requirements.

DBR’s Commissioning Services:

Whole Building Commissioning

Applying the commissioning process from project inception as a member of the team to participate in design phase, construction phase, and acceptance phase.  Working with the owner’s team to document design requirements, working with design team to ensure owner’s requirements are covered, and testing the building to confirm its operating according to the design.


Performing commissioning for an existing building that has never been commissioned.  Establish the operational requirements of the building, test the existing systems to assess their operational level and provide a corrective plan to address issues found and improvements that can be made.


Performing commissioning on a building that was commissioned at the time of turnover. Confirm the building is still operating according to the original design, identify any issues that need to be addressed and identify changes required to adapt to the building usage changes.

LEED Fundamental Commissioning

Perform the commissioning scope defined by the USGBC for LEED certification and complete all forms and letters required for certification.

LEED Enhanced Commissioning

Perform the commissioning scope defined by the USGBC for LEED certification and complete all forms and letters required for certification.

Functional Testing

Perform a limited scope of the commissioning process that focuses on the verification of operational sequences. Write test scripts and conduct testing of equipment through all sequences that were specified.

Facility Assessments

Visit existing buildings to review the maintenance level and condition of equipment to provide a report. Our reports describe the existing conditions, analyze the current operations and provide recommendations with a budget for improvements in the building.

Building Systems We Commission

HVAC Systems

  • Chilled/Hot Water Plants
  • Air Handling Units
  • Energy Recovery
  • Ventilation Systems
  • Building Automation
  • Hydronic Pumping

Electrical Systems

  • Lighting Control Systems
  • Communication
  • Daylight Harvesting
  • Stand-by Power
  • Fire Alarm

Plumbing Systems

  • Hot Water Systems
  • Water Pumping
  • Piping Systems