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Q&A With Partner, Will Meister

by Kat Phelps, Marketing Manager

Will Meister

PE | Partner

Will Meister, PE serves as a Partner in the Houston office of DBR and joined the firm in 2001 after his graduation from Pennsylvania State University. Will enjoys leading his team to execute mechanical, electrical, and plumbing design systems in the education, industrial, community, and government markets.

Fun facts – Will is a certified yoga instructor and offers monthly meditation sessions to help his work family at DBR re-center and focus for better performance at work and in life. A food lover, he got more serious about his small veggie garden when he wasn’t traveling over the last year. When he does travel, he looks for a quiet beach with good food and a sunrise view. One of his favorite trips was to Cambodia where he honeymooned with his wife, Kristen. The couple shares a son and five fur-babies in their lively home.


Q&A with Will:


Q: What do you love most about being an engineer?

A: The math. No, really, it’s all about the people who will use the spaces we help create. Whether it’s the idea of children walking into a new building on the first day or school, a new business owner expanding their retail space, or of employees going to work in a new factory…Thinking about the people who will benefit from our work is rewarding. Also, I’m proud of the buildings and facilities I’ve played a part in bringing to life. When I drive through Houston, especially, I enjoy seeing the places I have worked on. In our business, we build a tangible product – and that legacy is important to me.

Q: What are some proven methodologies you have used to ensure DBR delivers projects that go above and beyond our client’s expectations?

A: I have found that one of the keys for me is to focus on getting my entire team’s buy-in. Every team member is accountable for their parts of a project, and that ownership is shared from the start of Schematic Design through construction. We are all accessible for coordination with clients – a phone call, an email, a meeting, and that talk time and face time builds the relationships between everyone involved in a project. The team members also help each other out, even when the project is someone else’s. The internal communications between members and the friendships and respect we have for each other make it easy to ask for and get help when we need it.

Q: As a Partner and leader in the firm, how do you mentor the designers of today to become better leaders for tomorrow?

A: We don’t just build buildings, we also build careers. One of the unique things about DBR is that we see our people where they are and find the best way to put their skills to work for our clients and the firm. As the best designers understand client needs, I like my team members to interact with our customers to learn first-hand what success means to them. This free flow of information helps us get the job done more efficiently and more effectively. Also, establishing confidence is key. As a late bloomer to leadership myself, I benefitted from our leaders who saw potential in me and took the time to nurture it until I believed it myself.


Project Photo:
Conroe Police and Court Facility | PGAL | Conroe, Texas


Have questions? Give Will a call:

Will Meister, PE
[email protected]