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Q&A With Business Development Leader, Brittany Hendrickson

by Kat Phelps, Marketing Manager

Brittany Hendrickson

Business Development Leader | Associate

Brittany Hendrickson, LEED Green Associate serves as the Business Development Leader for DBR and joined the firm in 2016. A graduate of Texas A&M University, Brittany holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. In her role as Business Development Leader, she supports the business development strategies for all DBR market sectors across Texas. Brittany serves as a Board Member and Education Director for SMPS Austin, At Large Emerging Professional Board Member for A4LE Central Texas, a UCREW Committee Member for CREW Austin, and a Membership Committee Member for ULI Austin.

Originally from Houston, Brittany started her career as a Buyer for Academy Sports + Outdoors before joining DBR’s Austin Office. When Brittany is not hard at work or playing golf with clients and friends, she enjoys exploring Austin with her husband Drew and her son Owen.

Brittany’s quick wit, endless energy, and commitment make her a valued leader at DBR.


Q&A with Brittany:


Q: Describe your approach to business development and how your strategy has adjusted with the current business climate.

A: We, as a firm, need to create meaningful, lasting relationships with our clients, and the work will follow. While our project experience is important and we bring 48 years of that experience to the table, our clients hire DBR because of our people. I try my best to be a resource not only to those people who make our firm great but to our clients and industry peers alike.

While the delivery may have changed a bit, the strategy has remained the same: stay visible, be eager to help, and keep moving forward. It helps that I am extremely competitive – a slowdown of pursuits has made my desire to win the pursuits that are out there, that much stronger.

Q: What have you found yourself focusing on most during the last few months given the current industry challenges?

A: My golf swing. No, in all honesty, I have enjoyed stepping back from running from meeting to meeting and have been able to focus more of my time identifying and researching future projects and strengthening our internal business development plan and processes. As a company, I think we have done a great job of using this time to ensure that training opportunities for our staff are top-notch and that our company culture remains stronger than ever.

Q: What do you see as key opportunities for DBR in the next 5 years?  

A: 20 years ago, DBR was extremely focused on K-12 Education & Commercial Office projects. While those markets remain a large portion of our business, we are also looking towards market sectors where we see significant opportunities to expand our current reach – markets such as Industrial and Multifamily. In addition to market sector expansion, DBR is fortunate to be in a growth stage as far as geographic area as well. Within the last decade, we have opened offices in Dallas, Austin, McAllen, and El Paso and continue to find success in one of the fastest-growing areas of the country. We hope to continue to push our reach further and further outside of our Gulf Coast roots.


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Have questions? Give Brittany a call:

Brittany Hendrickson, LEED Green Associate
Business Development Leader | Associate
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