Sustainability at DBR

DBR understands the importance of sustainable design and is proud to be a leader of energy efficient MEP building design. Our EcoDesign standard goes above and beyond basic code and standards to ensure optimum building efficiency. We strive to stay up-to-date and implement the latest energy efficient design methods. Additionally, DBR has a sustainability department that assists in producing sustainable MEP designs. We have 14 LEED® Accredited professionals on our team and have completed multiple LEED® projects. 

Our Services

We have engineered more than 70 projects including San Antonio’s first LEED® Platinum facility. For more information on DBR LEED® projects visit our portfolio of LEED® projects. 

DBR sustainability group has been the LEED® Administrator on several projects. Our DBR project administrator duties include:
•    Schedules LEED® meetings throughout design and construction
•    Registers and submits the project for review
•    Assists in completing all LEED® forms
•    Acts as the source for LEED® related questions
•    Provides guides throughout the design and construction phases

We use whole-building energy modeling simulation software to analyze and optimize buildings’ energy efficiency. Additionally, the energy model assists in calculating the energy savings and life cycle costs.

DBR can assist with Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) certification. CHPS offers two certification levels, CHPS Verified and CHPS Designed. 

For general information on CHPS click here.
For more information on CHPS verified click here.
For more information on CHPS designed click here.

On behalf of schools, government, and commercial building clients, we can help apply for rebate incentives through CenterPoint Energy. 

  • SCORE  Program/ SCORE Lite
    DBR has worked with several school districts to take advantage of the incentives offer by CenterPoint Energy through their SCORE program. For more information on SCORE click here.
  • CitySmart Program/ CitySmart Lite
    DBR can assist government building owners in applying for City Smart incentives. For more information on CitySmart click here. 
  • Commercial and Industrial Standard Offer Program
    DBR can assist clients in applying for CenterPoint’s incentives offered for new construction and renovations to commercial and industrial buildings. For more information on the Standard Offer program click here.

Our engineers help building owners achieve this certification by performing energy analysis on new and existing buildings’ MEP systems that comply with the certification program guidelines of the Energy Star Program. DBR can also assist with yearly Energy Star certification renewal process. 

At DBR, we provide our clients with facility assessments that feature detailed review of installed systems and identify deficiencies, code compliance, and opportunities to improve energy usage. These comprehensive plans offer solutions, associated estimate costs, and recommended time schedule to update or upgrade facilities. 

As part of the energy audit we analyze a building’s energy use. This examination includes water and electrical analysis to see at what rate a building’s energy systems are operating. The building’s energy use intensity can be compared with similar buildings for performance measures. Our clients receive our detailed report for their review.