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Q&A With Director of Quality Control, Justin Vollmer

by Kat Phelps, Marketing Manager

Justin Vollmer, PE

Director of Quality Control | Associate

Justin Vollmer serves as the Director of Quality Control for DBR. A graduate of Baylor University, he holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has over 10 years of experience in the A/E/C industry. Justin is responsible for leading a dedicated team that provides QA/QC reviews for the entire company firm-wide. The QA/QC team has a strong background in architecture and engineering and works with the project teams and sub-consultants in reviewing the project documents to ensure completeness. Justin and his team keep up with coordination items and design checklists to resolve issues before and during construction.

In his spare time, you can find Justin and his wife, Julia, traveling to the beach or anywhere there is a nice, relaxing pool. He is an avid baseball fan (Go ‘Stros) and enjoys spending time with his dog Bentley. He also likes to fish and play golf but does not take either too seriously.


Q&A with Justin:


Q: Describe how building owners can benefit from the in-house QA/QC team at DBR.

A: Building owners can benefit from DBR’s in-house QA/QC team by having the peace of mind that their MEPFT design was supervised by our great team of technical experts. As one of our primary core values, DBR prides itself on delivering a quality design and service to our clients. As a result, building owners can rest assured that their building systems will operate smoothly and be long-lasting.

Q: When does the QA/QC process begin and end?

A: There is a common misconception that quality control only happens near the end of a project. A thorough review of the plans and specifications does occur in the final stages of each job; however, the QA/QC process begins as soon as our design teams start working on a project. We are involved in the design development early to make sure the overall design scheme meets all necessary code requirements, project goals, etc. and we are also involved in design oversight along the way, ensuring that all the details are spelled out and the scope of work is clearly defined.

Q: What are some of the best practices your team uses to ensure a seamless QA/QC process?

A: Communication is essential to the QA/QC process. Staying on top of schedules and having frequent, constructive discourse with the design team are key to making the process effective. We also make sure to utilize the tools that best aid us in the collaborative design effort. Bluebeam Studio has been a very effective platform for our teams to work together to address any aspects of the design that may need a second look or further coordination.  


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Have questions? Give Justin a call:

Justin Vollmer, PE
Director of Quality Control | Associate
[email protected]