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Q&A With Dallas Branch Manager, Kenny Roland

by Kat Phelps, Marketing Manager

Kenny Roland

PE | Branch Manager | Senior Associate

Kenneth “Kenny” Roland, PE serves as Branch Manager for the Dallas office of DBR and has been with the firm since 2009. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from Kansas State University and a Masters in Fire Protection Engineering from the University of Maryland. Kenny obtained his engineering license in 2013 and is registered in over 11 states.

Kenny enjoys his daily interaction with clients and colleagues and his engagement throughout the entire project life-cycle and has played a vital role in the growth of the Dallas office, which has flourished during his tenure. His “get ‘er done” attitude, visionary outlook, and endless energy make him a valued leader in our Dallas office.

Q&A with Kenny:

As a leader, how do you mentor the designers of today to becoming better leaders for tomorrow?

A: I regularly solicit feedback from those whom I am working with and continually encourage them to let me know if something is not working for them. As a leader, you must be open to receiving feedback and to consciously keep yourself from getting defensive. I believe that seeking out these different perspectives from each team member is vital to the overall growth for everyone involved. In addition, you must make the commitment to openly interact, communicate and give appreciation. Show employees that they are worth the time to train and grow. Let them know that you are willing to put in the effort to propel them forward in their careers. When you do this, you provide them a sense of confidence which in turn, increases performance. All too often we are only provided feedback for our shortcomings and errors, but a simple act of kindness or frequent appreciation is necessary to promote positive employee morale and retention. Lastly, I believe that full transparency and actions are key. Admit your greatest attributes, but more importantly your faults in hopes that this practice will resonate with staff and inspire them to be their best self as we are all human and make mistakes. The goal is to lead by example.

Q: What are some best practices you have used to develop excellent customer relationships

A: You must maintain open channels of communication and be the first to follow up. This shows initiative and lets clients know that you are serious about getting and maintaining their business. Continue to make contact, build a real relationship and exceed expectations. This is very difficult as it is not instantaneous and requires a lot of trial and error. Believe it or not, many people still enjoy a phone call and this communication method can help avoid mistakes and tones that may be perceived within an email. Be more than an email address!  Being transparent, even when it’s not a good look, bodes well and tells the client that you are not trying to hide things from them. Dishonesty is the fastest way to lose a client and tarnish your reputation.  There is no set of guidelines, or one size fits all when it comes to building customer relationships.  But there is one clear cut practice that holds true for all and that is to deliver what you promise.

Q: What do you see as key opportunities for the Dallas office in the next 5 years?

A: With the amount of developers, architects and unparalleled growth that DFW is experiencing, the opportunities are limitless. We are barely scratching the surface on what the Dallas office can achieve as we are still in our infancy when you compare it to the market and our competitors. Therefore, the key is to continue to organically grow, develop the right people (in the right positions) and ensure that we are delivering on our promise. By doing this, we will position ourselves and create a recipe for longevity and success. The growth of the Dallas office could potentially be a gateway to expanding our locations outside of the great state of Texas.

Have more questions? Give Kenny a call:
Kenny Roland, PE
Branch Manager | Senior Associate
[email protected]