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New AIA Continuing Education Courses

by Kat Phelps, Marketing Manager

February 19, 2020 by Kat Phelps, Graphic Designer

DBR is a registered AIA Continuing Education Provider for the design and building industry to assist AIA members needing continuing education to stay at the top of their field. At this time DBR offers nine presentation opportunities for continuing education and we are ready to provide lunch and learn opportunities to you and your staff! Below are our three newest courses. Stay tuned for more on the way!

Ayman Ashkar

Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump Systems

The evolution of the energy code and ASHRAE standards for achieving zero energy buildings require more energy efficient HVAC systems than current conventional systems. Standard Ground Source Heat Pump Systems (GSHP) can meet the high energy efficiency requirements, but the high initial construction cost and the need for large borefields sometimes make the implementation of these systems difficult. In addition, this system may not always be feasible for some climate zones and soil conditions. The Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump System (HyGSHP) can be a good alternative to traditional GSHP systems. It combines the energy efficiency of the GSHP system with lower cost conventional HVAC equipment. This presentation provides an overview of the HyGSHP system, comparison with a GSHP system and return on investment for both systems.

Learning Objectives

  • Basic components of Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump System (HyGSHP)
  • Advantages and disadvantages of the Hybrid Ground Source Heat pump
  • Design considerations and control strategies
  • Cost and payback analysis

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Tim Kilby

Exploring Existing Building Commissioning

The landmark 2004 study by Evan Mills “Building Commissioning, A Golden Opportunity for Reducing Energy Costs and Greenhouse Emissions” presents a study of the cost/benefit of commissioning, existing buildings and new construction. Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory updated the study with new results and findings resulting in what is considered as the world’s largest data base of commissioning cost/benefit studies for commercial buildings. This presentation will review the data for existing buildings and include a case study of an existing, public, high school commissioning project.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the latest information on Existing Building Commissioning regarding energy savings and cost as reported on the largest available database of Cx data
  • Understand the current state of Existing Building Commissioning as it pertains to scope, systems, owner motivation and non-energy benefits
  • Understand how the trend towards monitoring based commissioning and ongoing commissioning fit in the current market
  • Learn the process through a case study of an Existing Building Commissioning project

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Eddy Santosa

How to Design Lighting & Daylight in Tenant Improvement Projects

The design of lighting and daylight is critical in tenant improvement projects. Often, designers forget to assess lighting and daylighting during the early design stage and run into budget and other design issues later on in the project. This course will discuss the energy code requirements applicable to tenant improvement and interior design projects. The presentation will focus on lighting requirements and discuss the difference between ASHRAE 90.1 and the IECC requirements as well as energy code requirements that often apply to tenant improvement projects.

In addition to energy code requirements, the presentation will discuss basic considerations for lighting and daylight that should be factored into the design which affect occupants visual comfort. Factors such as the color rendering index, color temperature and glare issues in lighting design and daylight metrics will also be explained in the presentation.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the energy code requirement for tenant improvement projects
  • Differentiate ASHRAE 90.1 vs IECC for lighting requirements
  • Design and apply a better lighting design approach for tenant improvement projects
  • Understand different daylight metrics and their impacts on interior design

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Sarah De Ita
Director of Marketing
[email protected]

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