Brian C. Uhlrich

Chief Executive Officer

San Antonio, Texas

A graduate of Kansas State, Brian manages the operation of our branch offices and provides oversight on all projects to ensure that these offices are delivering quality work.

Brian also has a passion for sustainability. In his words, “We need to be leading the effort to reel (energy consumption) in and contain the rate at which we are using energy in buildings…We have a responsibility as an industry to manage (it).”

He has always been interested in energy efficiency and energy and water conservation, so when he was able, he got involved in the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Brian wants to teach all of our staff the importance of coming up with creative ways to reduce energy in buildings. He wants our designers to design buildings that are simple enough so the building owners can operate them in a way that can reduce consumption.

In addition, Brian tries very hard to see things through the eyes of our clients – to come up with creative ways to meet our client’s needs. He does his best to not be set in his ways or overly conservative, and he really works hard to think outside the box. Brian is honest to a fault, respectful, and is sure to give clients and their projects his full attention.

He is also married and has four small kiddos – which pretty much sums up any time spent outside the office.