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K-12 Safety & Security Best Practices

by Mark Calvo, Director of Technology

The security of schools has become a growing concern due to recent events in our society, including gun crimes, that expose students, teachers, staff and parents to danger. The safety and security challenges schools face today are more multifaceted and complex than ever before, and protecting students and staff requires a comprehensive approach to these challenges.

Conroe ISD – Grand Oaks High School | PBK Architects | Conroe, Texas

Safety & Security Best Practices for schools to consider:

1. Infrastructure

    • Video surveillance cameras
    • School bus surveillance cameras system and GPS system
    • Site fencing
    • Video intercom at the main doors and any other door frequently visited by vendors, outside maintenance, etc.
    • Access controls
    • Security vestibules
    • Window film
    • Emergency communications
    • Emergency generators

2. Crisis Communications

    • Crisis communications devices for staff
    • Campus emergency notification system
    • Two-way radio
    • Incident reporting platform for students and staff

3. Staffing

    • Emergency management liaison
    • Police patrol operations
    • School resource officers (SRO)
    • Threat assessment teams
    • Threat management program
    • School marshaling program

4. District Policies and Procedures

    • Emergency operation plans
    • Standard response protocols
    • Training for students and staff
    • Safety and security audits
    • Mandatory staff and student RFID badges

5. Community Engagement

    • Implementation
    • Community engagement process
    • Student engagement process
Cypress-Fairbanks ISD – Bridgeland High School | Texas-IBI Group | Cypress, Texas

Security and the safety in schools is an extremely emotive subject that is all too often featured in the news. Now more than ever, schools must make sure the right measures are in place to ensure campuses are prepared for situations where safety could be compromised.

Want to learn more about Safety & Security Best Practices? DBR’s Integrated Technology team can help.

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Houston ISD – Energy Institute High School | VLK Architects | Houston, Texas

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