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DBR Summer Internships 2019

by Kat Phelps, Marketing Manager

August 19, 2019 by Gabriela Susano, Corporate Recruiter

Mechanical Design Intern, Wallace Tutt (middle) with mentors, Bradley Bush and Joseph Vela.

As the Summer “ends” (it’s Texas), our interns at DBR prepare to start their new school year at the University of Alabama, Baylor University, The University of Texas, Texas Tech University, and University of Houston. Once again, DBR went through a selective process to identify 6 third and fourth-year students to intern with the company from May to August.

Sustainability Design Intern, Katheryn He (right) with mentors Jon Young and Kellie Darbonne.

Each Summer, interns are partnered with our top performers to gain professional experience in the MEP industry. This year, James Kubala, Joseph Vela, Ryan Miller, Benjamin Villafuerte, Paul Grabowski, Bradley Bush, Kellie Darbonne, and Jonathan Young served as Mentors in our Internship Program. Interns participated in our department and vendor meetings, received Revit training, coordinated with our Construction Administrators for job-site visits, and even competed in our Houston Food Bank Contest to name a few.

Mechanical Design Intern, Abraham Rodriguez (right) with Mechanical Design Director, James Kubala.

Abraham Rodriguez, A&M-Kingsville Graduate stated, “I have learned how to perform building heating load calculations using Trace 700” and “how to route/size duct work and piping.” Likewise, DBR Engineers had several takeaways. James Kubala, Mechanical Design Director commented, “It’s always a refresher to go through the basics of what we do with someone unfamiliar with [the MEP] industry… On a personal level, multiple times, I [found] myself giving 10-minute explanations for something that could have been kept to 30 seconds. I [will] work on that.”

Mechanical Design Intern, Briana Cardenas (left) with mentor, Paul Grabowski.

Overall, DBR appreciates the time, effort, and patience our Engineers put to make the Summer Internship Program a success! DBR celebrated by hosting an Intern Farewell Party July 31, 2019. We wish Wallace Tutt, Briana Cardenas, Katheryn He, Jake Daniel, and Ryan Kaster a great school year and welcome Abraham (Summer 2019 Intern) and Daniel Traknyak (Fall 2018 Intern) to the DBR Houston Team! We look forward to creating more memories with you!

Mechanical Design Interns, Ryan Kaster and Jake Daniel.

DBR encourages you to apply for internship or full-time opportunities by sending your resume to Gabriela Susano at [email protected].