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Q&A With Construction Administration Practice Area Leader, Ron Morgan

by Kat Phelps, Marketing Manager

Ron Morgan

Construction Administration Practice Area Leader

Ron is DBR’s Construction Administration Practice Area Leader at DBR and supports all DBR projects firm-wide. With over twenty-five years of experience performing Construction Administration services, Ron is responsible for site surveys/investigations, due diligence reports, comprehensive analysis and field verification of construction practices before and during the construction phase of the project. DBR’s Construction Administration (CA) team is knowledgeable in MEP systems and strives to provide incredible service and meet our clients’ needs.

Q&A with Ron:

Q: Describe the role that MEP and the CA department provide on projects.

A: MEP engineering is an important and ever-expanding part of the construction industry. MEP engineers play a critical role in a project’s ultimate success. During the design and construction of any project, it is important to make sure that design plans adhere to local building codes and ordinances. Every component from electrical wiring down to the plumbing must be designed within certain specifications and must operate within specific parameters determined by the local government in which construction is to take place.

The role our firm plays in any project is one of organizer, designer and administrator as we work in tandem with project architects and contractors to design the systems that will integrate the mechanical, electrical and plumbing components into their structure according to their desired finished specifications.

It is our goal to provide valuable input and feedback to the team and owner through conceptual design and to the successful completion of each project. One of the key factors contributing to the successful completion of a project is Construction Administration (CA) Services.

Q: What are the types and scale of the projects you are working on? 

A: DBR’s CA team is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of mechanical, electrical and plumbing design as well as construction which is critical when assessing projects in the field and providing our clients a high-quality finished project. The department works on a wide range of project types and sizes from small retail lease spaces up to 573,460 square foot schools—and the largest project to date which was a 4,131,997 square foot manufacturing industrial facility!

Q: What types of observations are you noting during the construction process? 

A: From Pre-Construction through the Construction Administration Phase, the DBR CA team provides detail filled observation reports throughout the construction process noting common observations including:

  • Local and state-wide code compliance
  • Quality Control of MEP construction
  • Contractor compliance with design plans and specifications
  • Installation per manufacturers recommendation
  • Product installation meets approved submittal requirements

Q: What kinds of technology does the CA team use?

A: DBR’s CA department documents all deficiencies or non-compliant work with BIM 360 Field. This field management software combines mobile technology with cloud-based field data and allows the team to have access to all current drawings, specifications, submittals, etc. while on site. Every field representative has a 360-degree camera which is used during surveys. This gives the designers an advantage when designing renovations or additions. Additionally, DBR has a multitude of tools that are used by the CA team to ensure that field conditions meet the DBR standards.

Have more questions? Give Ron a call:
Ron Morgan
Construction Administration Practice Area Leader
[email protected]