D. Zac Morton


San Antonio, Texas

Zac is DBR’s newest named partner. Working out of the San Antonio office, there is no such thing as a typical day for him, but the end goal is always finding new opportunities and meeting the needs of current and potential clients. Zac’s patience, empathy, and communication has served him well with both clients and employees, and he takes pride in these personal connections. Whether Zac is putting out a fire or rushing to finish a deadline, Zac prefers face-to-face time which results in a high level of quality on each of his projects.

A Kansas State University graduate, Zac’s technical knowledge and ability to meet project requirements in a timely manner keeps clients happy. As a LEED® Accredited Professional, he has developed an understanding of the requirements and best practices for energy-efficient designs and the demonstration of the performance of these designs through energy modeling.

Outside of the office, Zac has played the electric guitar since the 7th grade. He has three other acoustic guitars in his collection and has even built a couple of electric guitars and an electric guitar amp. Zac loves making homemade pizza and having an IPA beer on the side. You can catch his reviews of over 1,000 beers on RateBeer.com!