Randy Curry

Chairman of the Board

Houston, Texas

Randy was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He graduated from The University of Texas in Austin then settled down and raised his family in the Houston area. He takes pride in working in this place because it is his home – it is where he grew up, where his wife has lived and worked, and where his children attended school.

He joined DBR in 1985, as it only made sense to work in the city that he came from. He has been with the firm for over 30 years, calling DBR his home as well. Just as he is an advocate for this company, he is an advocate for this city, the people, and the buildings that establish, enhance, and define its character.

Randy moved up in the ranks from electrical engineer, to project manager, and to managing partner since 2005. He ensures that all DBR offices are operating as one firm, and he does his best to match resources of each office to project demands.

He leads this company with a huge sense of loyalty, for the city of Houston and for the offices of DBR. He is inquisitive, kind, and passionate about our success. He is also passionate about music and his guitars, his duty to give back, and of course his roles as husband, dad, and granddad.