Carlo A. Sechi

Partner, Director of Higher Education

Houston, Texas

With the combined experiences of riding motocross and working in a wood shop as a young man, Carlo’s passion for engineering cultivated early. With a family of engineers to guide him, he continued in his pursuit of design at Texas A&M, where he studied to be a Mechanical Engineer. The stars would not align for him to design once he left school though. Instead they would lead him to find a position in technical sales – a time that shaped Carlo into a man of charisma. He learned to make friends, listen to his clients, and build relationships that would cement themselves in his career and the minds of the people he met. He learned how to stand in front of a crowd and show them he had something they needed.

When Texas A&M called upon DBR to design the renovations of the Corps Dorms, they presented Carlo’s team with many challenges. The team stepped up to the plate with a unique design and innovative, customized air handling units. With no time and concern about what the units would look like and how they would be serviced, Carlo defaulted to his previous wood working experience and built a full-size, physical mockup of the design out of wood. He crafted and scrutinized every aspect of this model to ensure its accuracy and real-life application. When the model was presented to A&M, they were obviously blown away. The units themselves are still receiving great acclaim.

As partner or project manager, Carlo is relied on to communicate between various channels – to and from his design team and to and from the client. He is the guy you look forward to talking to about your project. You don’t mind picking up the phone and asking how things are going, because no matter the progress, you feel happy and assured that he has everything under control. And not just under control. You know that Carlo will truly go above and beyond to deliver our best service, just like he did for the Corps Dorms at Texas A&M, just like he has done his whole life.