Brian S. Jenkins

President | Chief Operating Officer

Houston, Texas

As Partner, Brian remains a smooth stone as he encounters dozens of different personalities. As he oversees some specialized and prime projects, he uses that personal ease with his clients to work out any kinks and turns in plans. He navigates issues inside and outside of the office with finesse and maintains solid relationships at every level. His congeniality and ability to remain calm doesn’t waiver from employee to client.

Brian doesn’t focus on one small thing at a time but does his best to always look for the big picture. He will pick up the phone at the drop of a hat to relay important information or impart reassurance, and he helps those wrapped up in the fine print to see what may lie outside of it.

Brian hails from Kansas and joined DBR’s team in 1996. He has called Houston home ever since. His wife and two daughters keep him a busy dad and a fun guy to be around. His amiable spirit makes him a well-liked and easy to work with leader.