Ayman H. Ashkar
PE, LEED Green Associate

Vice President

Houston, Texas

Ayman has a special place here at DBR, not just because of his tenure, but because of his origins. His journey is particularly interesting, as it started out in Syria and absolutely shapes who he is and the way he does business. He received his undergraduate degree from Damascus University in 1979 and came to the United States, and DBR, 10 years later.

He previously served as our Director of Sustainability at DBR and places his attention on environmentally-conscious design. Because of his commitment to green buildings and their impact on the world around them and the people within them, he will always push for work that supports LEED® standards.

He has a soft spot for his wonderful wife and two daughters, but he means business when it comes to mechanical design. He enjoys solving design problems and is adamant about hunting down solutions for his designers and clients. He will not stop until the answers are uncovered and any issues, both great and small, have been resolved.