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DBR Offers New AIA Continuing Education Courses

by Kat Phelps, Marketing Manager

December 21st, 2018 by Kat Phelps, Marketing Graphic Designer

DBR is a registered AIA Continuing Education Provider for the design and building industry to assist AIA members needing continuing education to stay at the top of their field. At this time DBR offers four presentation opportunities for continuing education and we are ready to provide lunch and learn opportunities to you and your staff! Below are our two newest courses. Stay tuned for more on the way!

 Building Commissioning 101
This presentation is for the members of the building design team. It is an introduction to the commissioning process and a guide to the design team responsibilities within the commissioning process. The presentation will describe each step in the commissioning process and explain how the designer will fulfill their role during those steps. Ideally, the designer will come away with a better understanding of the commissioning process and how it is a benefit during the design phase of a project.

Learning Objectives
• When is commissioning required?
• An overview of the commissioning process
• The Design Team’s role in the commissioning process
• A general understanding of functional testing

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Laboratory Design & Energy Conservation
An introduction and survey of major energy users in laboratory infrastructure design and common sense ways to ensure a safe lab environment while minimizing energy costs. Topics covered are: Basic Types of Laboratory Space; Largest Energy Usage in Laboratory Space; Safety Concerns for a Safe Laboratory Environment; Governing Codes and Standards for Laboratory Space Design; and a General Design Approach for Energy Efficient Laboratory Space.

Learning Objectives
• Identify basic types of lab spaces.
• Understand the largest energy users in lab spaces.
• Understand the basic code and standard drivers for lab ventilation.
• Identify basic approaches to conserving energy in laboratory spaces.

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Brittany Hendrickson
Business Development Coordinator
[email protected]

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