September 24, 2020 by Justin Vollmer, PE, Director of Quality Control, Associate

MEPFT building systems design requires a substantial collaborative effort. Proactive communication is essential in meeting the demands of a constantly developing building design. As one of our primary core values, we at DBR pride ourselves on delivering high-quality designs, and an effective quality control procedure is instrumental in meeting that objective.

Admittedly, the traditional approach to QA/QC that many have utilized for so long — architects and engineers marking up physical plans or providing static notes on digital drawings — has its inefficiencies and complications. We had been determined to update quality control procedures for some time, but the unexpected obligation of remote working has forced us to adapt earlier than anticipated.

Consequently, DBR has transitioned the QA/QC process to a new platform. All in-house quality control is now being performed in Bluebeam Studio. The goal is to make this a more dynamic process that maximizes efficiency and improves communication between all parties involved.

Bluebeam Studio Sessions allow multiple attendees to access a PDF and add markups at the same time, with all changes immediately available to all participants. This means that the QA/QC process no longer has to wait. Projects are reviewed at multiple phases to ensure continuous QA/QC throughout the design. As intermediate progress sets are created, so too are Bluebeam sessions for our team of technical experts to review and provide valuable feedback.

Image courtesy of Bluebeam Studio, Applied Software Technology, Inc.

Additionally, Bluebeam Studio is a cloud-based platform, which means that session attendees can access files anywhere. We have seen the added benefit of being able to collaborate remotely without needing access to the company network at all times. This has certainly enhanced the process in a time where working remotely has become the universal norm.

DBR is even utilizing Bluebeam Studio collaboration with some clients and would certainly like to be utilizing it with more of them. The real-time functionality saves everyone time since you no longer need to play the waiting game. We have seen fewer back-and-forth emails and the amount of time spent waiting on markups or responses is vastly reduced.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about DBR’s new QA/QC process and how it could give your design team an advantage, then please reach out to our Director of Quality Control, Justin Vollmer.


Justin Vollmer, PE

Director of Quality Control
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