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Battle for Texas: The Experience

by Kat Phelps, Marketing Manager


The once dark basement of the historic Joske’s Building at Rivercenter Mall has been transformed into an interactive museum, Battle for Texas: The Experience.

While imagining a trip to a museum may conjure up images of quietly observing art or artifacts from a distance, Battle for Texas encourages the complete opposite and wants visitors to see, hear, and touch as many things as possible.

Battle for Texas uses 22,000 square feet to recreate the 1836 Battle of the Alamo and takes visitors through the 13-day battle using historic artifacts, hands-on exhibits, multimedia technology, and live re-enactments.

As visitors make their way through the maze-like attraction, they’re able to hear a soundtrack that corresponds with each exhibit, whether it be listening to the history of Texas’ early settlers or hearing the sounds of soldiers and gunfire that mark the end of the battle.

In addition to the carefully curated displays and exhibits, Battle for Texas uses technology to put a modern spin on the traditional museum. Visitors can design their own flags at a station that’s equipped with built-in tablets and a mobile app can be downloaded to view additional videos and content that correspond to each gallery as visitors walk through them.

DBR is proud to have provided mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineering services for the core and shell building and the finish-out of this space. The collective work of the team helped bring this piece of Texas history to life for San Antonians and the millions of tourists who visit the city each year.