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Randy was born and raised in Houston, Texas. He graduated from The University of Texas in Austin then settled down and raised his family in the Houston area. He takes pride in working in this place because it is his home - it is where he grew up, where his wife has lived and worked, and where his children attended school. 

He joined DBR in 1985, as it only made sense to work in the city that he came from. He has been with the firm 30 years, calling DBR his home as well. Just as he is an advocate for this company, he is an advocate for this city, the people, and the buildings that establish, enhance, and define its character. 

Randy moved up in the ranks from electrical engineer, to project manager, and to managing partner since 2005. He ensures that all DBR offices are operating as one firm, and he does his best to match resources of each office to project demands. 

He leads this company with a huge sense of loyalty, for the city of Houston and for the offices of DBR. He is inquisitive, kind, and passionate about our success. He is also passionate about music and his guitars, his duty to give back, and of course his roles as husband, dad, and granddad. 

aYMAN H. ASHKAR, pe, leed® green associate
vice president, director of sustainability, PARTNER

Ayman has a special place here at DBR, not just because of his tenure, but because of his origins. His journey is particularly interesting, as it started out in Syria and absolutely shapes who he is and the way he does business. He received his undergraduate degree from Damascus University in 1979 and came to the United States, and DBR, 10 years later. 

He is our Sustainability Leader here at DBR and places his attention on environmentally-conscious design. Because of his commitment to green buildings and their impact on the world around them and the people within them, he will always push for work that supports LEED® standards.

He has a soft spot for his wonderful wife and two daughters, but he means business when it comes to mechanical design. He enjoys solving design problems and is adamant about hunting down solutions for his designers and clients. He will not stop until the answers are uncovered and any issues, both great and small, have been resolved.

Director of quality control, PARTNER

David has been with DBR since 1982. He originally joined as a plumbing designer in May of that year, and has grown over time as the company has grown. 

He is an old-school guy with values and relationships that are admirable and unwavering. He doesn’t like to toot his own horn, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth tooting. He believes relationships are built on handshakes, people are not disposable, and the best path to resolution is a peaceful one.  

His eye for detail is quick and reliable. His great deal of experience gives him the ability to look at a design document and identify issues within minutes. David is confident in his ability, and takes pride in everything he puts his hand to.

David is the epitome of the good ol’ boy and uses that honesty and down-home attitude to maintain client relationships and win work.  

He is greatly involved with CEFPI and often organizes sporting clay tournaments for them - one of his favorite pastimes. 


As operations manager, Brian remains a smooth stone as he encounters dozens of different personalities. As he oversees some specialized and prime projects, he uses that personal ease with his clients to work out any kinks and turns in plans. He navigates issues inside and outside of the office with finesse and maintains solid relationships at every level. His congeniality and ability to remain calm doesn't waiver from employee to client. 

Brian doesn't focus on one small thing at a time but does his best to always look for the big picture. He will pick up the phone at the drop of a hat to relay important information or impart reassurance, and he helps those wrapped up in the fine print to see what may lie outside of it. 

Brian hails from Kansas and joined DBR's team in 1996. He has called Houston home ever since. His wife and two daughters keep him a busy dad and a fun guy to be around. His amiable spirit makes him a well-liked and easy to work with leader.

OPERATIONS MANAGEr, san antonio, corpus christi, austin, partner

Brian manages the operation of our branch offices and provides oversight on all projects to ensure that these offices are delivering quality work.

Brian also has a passion for sustainability. In his words, “We need to be leading the effort to reel (energy consumption) in and contain the rate at which we are using energy in buildings…We have a responsibility as an industry to manage (it).”

He has always been interested in energy efficiency and energy and water conservation, so when he was able, he got involved in the US Green Building Council (USGBC). Brian wants to teach all of our staff the importance of coming up with creative ways to reduce energy in buildings. He wants our designers to design buildings that are simple enough so the building owners can operate them in a way that can reduce consumption.

In addition, Brian tries very hard to see things through the eyes of our clients - to come up with creative ways to meet our client’s needs. He does his best to not be set in his ways or overly conservative, and he really works hard to think outside the box. Brian is honest to a fault, respectful, and is sure to give clients and their projects his full attention.

He is also married and has four small kiddos – which pretty much sums up any time spent outside the office.

Kevin a. pfeiffer, pe, leed® ap

Kevin is a man who refuses to let his clients down. As a partner and project manager, he won't nickel and dime his clients - he wants to be fair with everyone's time and money because he understands those resources are not unlimited. He knows a lot about a lot, but isn't boastful about it. He takes pride in training up his staff so that they too can give the client the best, and he takes pride in seeing a project completed - and a happy customer.

Once Kevin starts working for a client, they never ask for anybody else. His Midwest work-ethic earn his team and the firm respect. His performance is steadfast and solid through and through, keeping his clients constantly impressed. 

From a military family and later Kansas State, Kevin earned his degree and immediately began working for DBR in 2000. He is married and has two little boys who keep his energy levels high. He was involved with Big Brothers and Big Sisters for a time, and he used to wrestle in school but now just horses around with his boys. When he's not putting his best efforts into your project, he is being the big kid he still is at heart. 

Carlo a. sechi, pe, leed® ap

With the combined experiences of riding motocross and working in a wood shop as a young man, Carlo's passion for engineering cultivated early. With a family of engineers to guide him, he continued in his pursuit of design at Texas A&M, where he studied to be a Mechanical Engineer. The stars would not align for him to design once he left school though. Instead they would lead him to find a position in technical sales – a time that shaped Carlo into a man of charisma. He learned to make friends, listen to his clients, and build relationships that would cement themselves in his career and the minds of the people he met. He learned how to stand in front of a crowd and show them he had something they needed.

When Texas A&M called upon DBR to design the renovations of the Corps Dorms, they presented Carlo’s team with many challenges. The team stepped up to the plate with a unique design and innovative, customized air handling units. With no time and concern about what the units would look like and how they would be serviced, Carlo defaulted to his previous wood working experience and built a full-size, physical mockup of the design out of wood. He crafted and scrutinized every aspect of this model to ensure its accuracy and real-life application. When the model was presented to A&M, they were obviously blown away. The units themselves are still receiving great acclaim.

As partner or project manager, Carlo is relied on to communicate between various channels - to and from his design team and to and from the client. He is the guy you look forward to talking to about your project. You don't mind picking up the phone and asking how things are going, because no matter the progress, you feel happy and assured that he has everything under control. And not just under control. You know that Carlo will truly go above and beyond to deliver our best service, just like he did for the Corps Dorms at Texas A&M, just like he has done his whole life.

Edward puentes, pe,
OPERATIONS MANAGER, mcallen, partner

Edward is DBR’s newest named partner. He has been managing the DBR McAllen office since 2008, when he was given the opportunity to grow the firm and himself alike. In his determined climb as operations manager, he came to understand the importance of being accurate and precise the first time around, and he continues to work hard to be a well-rounded leader. Edward has a background in teaching, which serves him well as overseer of designers, projects, and the overall workings of the McAllen branch. He is patient with his office and offers them constant support before, during, and after their projects. He strives to provide those around him with thorough communication, never ceases to solve problems, and makes a point to see every detail through to completion. 

Edward was deservedly named Partner at the close of 2014. Outside of the office, Edward enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Kate and their children.