David has been with DBR since 1982. He originally joined as a plumbing designer in May of that year, and has grown over time as the company has grown. 

He is an old-school guy with values and relationships that are admirable and unwavering. He doesn’t like to toot his own horn, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth tooting. He believes relationships are built on handshakes, people are not disposable, and the best path to resolution is a peaceful one.  

His eye for detail is quick and reliable. His great deal of experience gives him the ability to look at a design document and identify issues within minutes. David is confident in his ability, and takes pride in everything he puts his hand to.

David is the epitome of the good ol’ boy and uses that honesty and down-home attitude to maintain client relationships and win work.  

He is greatly involved with CEFPI and often organizes sporting clay tournaments for them - one of his favorite pastimes.